Lindsey Learns

See Lindsey learn.  Learn, Lindsey, learn! :)

By day, I'm a teacher.  By night, I am soaking in as much as I can about writing from the books that I am reading, whether they be YA or adult or books on writing.  With this weekly feature here at Le Dange, my goal is to pull something from my weekly reading (so, yes, you are at my readerly whim) to open up for writerly discussion. 

For the record, I will use book titles in any post discussing something positive in my reading. Whereas it is not my goal to ever bash a book or a writer, if I am writing about something that bugs me in a book, I will not use titles or author names. Let the games begin!

So far, Lindsey has learned...

To Be Prepared

About Readability Statistics (well, that sounds fan-cy)