Sunday, March 14, 2010

Contest Ends Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, loves, be the Ides of March.  (Methinks I should fear this day, seeing as Friday was a reeeeeally difficult day at work and I know there will be residual badness tomorrow, just hopefully not much.)  So I hope to turn someone's bad luck around by giving you stuff!  If you have not entered my contest yet, there is still time!  Click on the link over there ----> on the top right.  Have fun and good luck all!


Jemi Fraser said...

We're on spring break this week coming up. Is yours coming soon? Sounds like you need it!! :)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Lol... I do, I do!!!

Our spring break is the last week of March into April. We go back Easter Monday. Of course, HH and I have the same week off in our two districts, and my daughter has the following week off. Plus, we used all of our snow days so we actually have to go back in the WEDNESDAY of our week off. Crazy stuff, huh? :P :)

School issues right now are parents lashing out at me because I continue to talk to them about behavior/social issues that have not improved all year. I'm sure you have been there too. :P :/ Sigh.

roxy said...

Thank you for the heads up on the Ides of March. Hope your week is good. You are awesome, prologue-pal. (I read another prologue today!)