Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Name is Lindsey and I Hoard Awards.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, right?  Ok.  Then I'm on the right track.  It's true, I hoard awards.  Why?  Well, see...  I love the part where I get to tell you about the person who gave me the award, because that's really fun.  And then comes the part where I have to do the obligatory thing that goes with the award, which is usually tell you X amount of interesting little stories about myself.  I'm ok with that, even though I don't always think they're super interesting, but here's what happened.  I got this award one day, I think it was a few weeks ago, and I was busy posting something else, so I held onto it.  Then, two days later, another award came along, and I was all, "Cool!  You guys are so nice!  And, hey, I can combine the lists of interesting things about me and just write one award post!"  Well, it all kinda snowballed after that and... let's just say I suck at award posts and I apologize for not getting to some of these for ages, but I'm really appreciative of your thoughtfulness in sending these awards my way, because you guys are all the super nicest.  The funniest part is that the awards kept coming and every single one was different!  Which made my heart smile. So, without further ado...

The Superior Scribbler Award came from the absolutely lovely V.R. Barkowski at A Writer's Blog.  First of all, go to her blog right now and check out her wonderful post about doors.  It's full of inspiration, quotes, and beautiful pictures of fascinating doorways that I would just love to go through in either real life or in a story.  I love it.  You know what else?  She is queen of challenges and contest posts.  No joke. 
Thank you, V.R.!!!

The Happy 101 Award came from my bestest Prologue Pal, Roxy, over at A Woman's Write.  Listen, my hearts, Roxy is awesomeness personified.  I just love her.  Aside from the fact that she is a mom of 6 and still sane, she is always happy and funny and inspirational.  In fact, I adore her so much that I have made a pocket-sized version of her that I call Poxy.  No, you can't have it.  But you can check out her current blog post, entitled Poetry Nerd Alert! (Or Dreams, Darth Vader Without Pants, and My Muse Daniel Craig.)  See why I love her?  You will, too.

The beautiful From Me to You Award is from Christine at Christine's Journey. Christine is full of surprises.  You'll see on her blog that she is very serene and she is one of the most modest people I have ever "met".  But don't let her fool you.  Christine busts out with fabulous snippets of her WiP (brave soul!) and every now and then her inner wild child comes out and she tells about driving really expensive cars reeeeeeeeally fast.  Christine writes very thoughtful and honest posts about how The Writing is going.  She's a good scribe of the roller coaster that we're all latched into.  And she just won a super cool piece of art, but I'll let you journey over to her site to see it!

The Sunshine Supportive Award is from Jemi at Just Jemi. Jemi writes romantic mysteries AND steampunk.  Seriously?  Yeah.  She is a girl of many talents.  Plus she's a teacher, like me, so that just adds to her cool cred.  She's Canadian, which I'll let slide (lol, kidding).  Her posts can make you giggle, and they can be very touching.  I'm seriously waiting for her to post a bit of a steampunk WiP, because I'm still not sure I understand what that genre is.

The Blogger Buddie Award (awwwww!) is from Nicole at One Significant Moment at a Time.  Nicole leaves great comments. (I mean, come on, you can tell by the award that she is a sweetheart).  Nicole posts "Teaser Tuesdays" so there are always new and fun pieces of writing to read over there.  Nicole's recent post about memories of a friend makes me wish I had been there to hang out with them.  You will see that she's one cool cat.  Oh, and congrats to Nicole is at the 100 Follower (and counting!) mark and having a contest like me!  Go enter!

The Honest Scrap Award is from Hannah at Musings of a Palindrome.  She wins for her blog title alone. :)  She just hit 50 posts, yearbooked herself, wrote about her own writing demons, and posted the funniest music video about plants vs. zombies, like, pretty much ever.  Even though I hate sunflowers and think that they are way scarier than zombies.  I mean, have you ever seen a field of sunflowers?  *shudder*  It's like Children of the Corn out there.  But I digress.

Ok, these last two came today, so I have not been hoarding them!  I swear!

The Blogger Purrfection Award is from Tara at Feel of Something New.
She also posts snippets, which I love, and her current WiP includes Russian Traffickers!  Which is soooo dangerous, they'd fit right in over here.  She is querying now.... wish her luck!!!

FINALLY, look at this gorgeous Sunshine Award from Shelley at Stories in the Ordinary!  How can you not love that with spring around the corner?  I could really stand to dig out from under all this snow and see some lovely, vibrant colors like that.  Shelley posts this really neat series, "Stories from Strangers", in which she gets writing ideas from real-life chance enounters.  The ones she has posted so far are fantastic, she has really turned these chance meetings into thought-provoking and emotional short stories.  Shelley also leaves great comments.  I love hearing from her!

So there you have it, kids!  I was hoarding EIGHT awards.  That's almost as good as the sentence I wrote that had EIGHT commas in it! :D  So in keeping with the totally random theme of EIGHT, here are EIGHT things about me that you probably didn't know:

1. I love mod clothes (seriously, go visit http://www.modcloth.com/ ).  I want to be Emma Peele.  For real.

2. My cell phone ring is "Lie Lie Lie" by Serj Tankian.  It was the theme song to a very short-lived horror anthology show called Fear Itself that aired on NBC in 2008/09.  Each episode was an hour long mini horror movie directed by a different horror movie director.  Handsome Hubby and I loved it.  And then it went away after 13 episodes.  Bummer.

3. We have never hired a babysitter for Tootsie Roll or Curly Jones.  That means 7 years of either asking family to watch the kids (and no one is closer than an hour and a half away) or not going out.  I have no idea why.  I think it's time to find a sitter, LOL.

4. I have totaled about five cars in my day.  You might say I was a reckless driver but I maintain that most of the accidents were not my fault, like the one in which my car got totalled while parked in front of my house while we were sleeping.  When I switched from red cars to my current black one, the curse ended.  Just sayin'.

5. My first jobs were Dairy Queen (I can make a perfect ice cream cone), working as an aide at a special needs school (where I met one of my best friends ever), and Mall Survey Girl.  Sadly, I had to wear the short skirts that I wore to get people to answer my surveys (yes, it was a dark time) to the school as well since I went from one job to the other.  And I rode public transportation to get there.  I can't say I'm proud of it.  But I got a lot of surveys.  :)

6. I once had to break into my high school to break friends out who fell asleep during a play rehearsal and got locked in. 

7. I once kissed a boy in a graveyard.

8. I ate gum off the floor once.  But I can explain.  (I was in a monologue play, so I was the only one onstage.  I played a cocaine hotline operator who had a rather nasty pill habit herself.  The entire monologue was spent on the phone, so after I chomped my gum for a bit, I had to take it out and stick it on a pill bottle.  It never fell off during rehearsal, but it did during the play, and I couldn't leave it there for stage crew or the next monologue actress to step on.  The only thing to do  in character was to pop it back in and chomp as I walked offstage.  I also chopped my hair and dyed it platinum blonde for the role.  Not the best look for me.)

Ok.  I would love to pass these on, but I honestly think that searching my friends to try to figure out who doesn't have what award would take until next Tuesday, and you all deserve all of them anyway, so please.  Take them.  Love them and squeeze them and call them Punkin.  Or put them on your blog.  :)

Thank you for the awards!  Next time I do this, put me on that show, Hoarders...


Jemi Fraser said...

LOL :) You hoarder! Such a popular girl!

Congrats on all the awards - they're well deserved. Thanks for the shout out and (mostly) kind words! :) (Kidding!!)

Michelle Gregory said...

congrats, and thanks, but i'm almost afraid to take them because i'm not so great about posting them myself and they've all gone around now for a while and i'm not sure who has what anymore. how's that for a run-on sentence!?

Wendy (aka quillfeather). said...

I simply love your intro, 'My name is Lindsey and I hoard awards'! Priceless.

Congrats. Much deserved :)

Kristin Rae said...

WOW! Congrats on all those!!!

I LOVE the socks on your blog layout... I think I want a pair.

Anissa said...

I've never hired a babysitter either. I think I'm paranoid. ;0

Kristi Faith said...

Awesome to be a hoarder isn't it? :0) I love how the awards have grown, but it does lead to hoarding. I have a post today about C.J. Omololu's YA novel Dirty Little Secrets, which is about hoarding. What is with all the hoarding lately?? :0)

Congrats and I am stealing the buddy award because I'd award it to you! Thanks for always leaving kind comments. :0)

roxy said...

I sat here at my desk and read this post, laughing aloud the entire time. You are hilarious! I'll never look at sunflowers the same way again...I think I should make a new award for you. The Wicked Funny Award! The Lindsey-Cool Award! The Award Hoarder Award! Watch out, one of these great prizes might show up when you least expect it.

KM said...

Wow, that is a lot of aawards. You weren't kidding. lol I've forgotten about them, too, though. I'd be interested to know why you kissed a boy in a graveyard. Sounds like good writing material. ;)

krislincour said...

One question, when did you start hating sunflowers? I remember a distinct sunflower-lovin' period.
Had to laugh at the 8 things, even I didn't know all of them. You kissed a boy in Arlington? LOL
Congrats on your awards.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the slew (sp?) of awards. And by the way? Fear Itself is on dvd. ;-)

Sharon Mayhew said...

Wow, what a lot of awards! Congratulations! (And yes, I think you have a problem...good job on admitting it. :)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Aww, Jemi, I'm just teasing... my hubby is still stinging from the USA/Canada Olympic hockey game. ;) I'm not a hockey fan anyway. :)

Anissa - Ok, so we're not the only ones.... :)

Kristi Faith - I heard that book is good. Have you read it yet? Please take all the awards you want - I would happily give them to you!

Oh, no, Roxy! No more awards! LOL

KM - LOL! It was a very dramatic high school moment. Maybe I'll post about it. ;)

Moms - I don't know, I've hated sunflowers for a long time. They are really the only flower toward which I hold any ire. Hehe. A guy I knew brought me sunflowers to our house in Lville once, as a joke, because he knew I hated them. Handsome hubby was not amused. ;) And yes, it was Arlington. :)

Beb - I don't want to watch the old ones again. I want new ones! :D

HH said...

BTW...she looked damn fine as a short haired blonde.

Shelley Sly said...

Congrats on all your much-deserved awards, and thank you so much for your kind words about me! You're a sweetheart! :)

Your list of 8 things were very amusing. I go through cars a lot (though I've never totaled one, I just have them sputter and die on me) so I'll keep in mind: no red cars. Hehe.

Kristi said...

Congrats on all the awards!!! Now I'm going to go check out some of these cool ladies you mentioned! I love new blogging buddies!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Awww, my Handsome Hubby comes out of lurkerdom to spread lies and sunshine. :D Love you, Babe!

roxy said...

Damn fine, huh? I think HH deserves a hug from you, Dangerous. BTW, we're all waiting here to learn which of those things above are true. Has the Poxy been nagging about this? I've been scrolling and scrolling but there's no new post. I know what you're doing you're hoarding again, aren't you? You're the King Midas of Blogging awards. You can't help being awesome...

Lisa and Laura said...

Holy crap. That is a LOT of awards. Congratulations, friend. All well deserved!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

HH can have all the hugs in the world when this brutal stomach virus that hit me last night is gone. UGH!

BTW - They're ALL true! :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Ha ha ha! Congrats on all the awards. :-)

Amy Holder said...

Holy award town! Congrats! They're all well deserved!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

LOL, I love all your confessions! And thank you so much for your kind words. I'm blushing a little over here.
My cousin is also afraid of sunflowers. I'm going to post a really creepy picture just for you because after I saw this I understood the fear.