Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh No She Di-Ent!

Soooo... Lisa Gail Green over at Paranormal Point of View issued me a challenge.  Well, not a direct one.  She did, in fact, a lovely thing by featuring this here blog on her own awesome blog, which, by the way, you should go and visit because, seriously, her blog is a hoot. (That last sentence, by the way, did not eclipse my comma record of eight in one sentence - and even better, that one was in a WiP).  So, yeah.  Where was I?  Oh.  Right.  Lisa's challenge.  Well, here's the thing.  If she is going to feature my blog, new people might actually come over here, ya know?  My old friends, you are well aware that as a teacher, I have been posting random little things like pictures of my children to distract you from the fact that I have not written any actual meaty blog posts of late, because this time of year, TeacherMommyWriters look a little bit like this:
So my challenge, as indirectly issued by Lisa Gail, is to write something.  Anything.  To assure any new visitors that my blog can be slightly interesting.  So really, Lisa Gail, this post is all about saving face so that your lovely visitors don't think you have lost your mind by sending them over here to my recent Bermuda Triangle of blog posts that have all been started and interrupted by schoolwork, children, report cards, marking papers, babysitting the little girl next door, pulling bark out of Curly Jones' mouth... and so on.  I am currently yhe Queen of Unposted Blog Drafts.  (I am currently writing on the back deck as Tootsie Roll and the neighbor child build a bug house and Curly Jones runs around the yard proclaiming "I AM A SUPERHERO!")

So first... to answer Lisa Gail's question about my identity.  Am I, or am I not, as my background may have you believe, the Wicked Witch of the West?  (Or, at least, a witch?)  I will let you decide based on the following:
    * I do actually have a pair of those exact striped stockings, although they are for an American McGee's Alice costume. (Which I shall debut at this year's Philly Comic Con... I have never been to a Comic Con before so I figured why not go big and dress up!)

    Clearly American McGee's Alice and not Tim Burton's Alice.  Big difference to this here Alice obsessor fan.

* I am a teacher, and although I'm not sure it ever says that Elmira Gulch, who "becomes" the Wicked Witch in the movie, is a teacher, she sure looks like a schoolmarm.  Hopefully I do not.

     * I do like owls and owly things.  I'm not sure how witchy that really is, but it seems like it, no?

     * I dislike cats, which would be sort of anti-witch establishment.

     * I have won a whole bunch of bloggy contests in the past few months... spells?  I'll never tell...

     * Lisa Gail wondered whether it takes magic to get done all things teachery and mommy-y and writery at once and I have to tell you that I wish I had spells for keeping all of those balls up in the air at once, but often my writing suffers.... my blog suffers... my house suffers (my house nods violently in agreement).  I do happen to keep on top of most of it with my incredible powers of Type A.  Which is not nearly as fun an answer. ;)

     * As to whether the Pen I am dangerous with in my blog title is really a wand... well... if I ever have a book ready to send out on submission... I'll let you know... or see cartoon above.

Thanks, Lisa Gail, for the lovely feature!  I must now write another entry which has been rattling around in my head all day, so look.... after a good long shot of nothing... you have inspired me!


Jemi Fraser said...

I completely relate to the photo of the teacher surrounded by paperwork - that is me right now too. *sigh* I wish July would simply appear!

I love Lisa Gail's blog too - she's wonderful!

Julie Musil said...

Found your blog on Lisa's blog, and I'm glad your blog is coming out of retirement!

Jen said...

What a challenge and already succeeding! I love your blog posts, pictures and all! Haha! Good luck at your meatier posts!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Yay!! You are AWESOME! I love it! :D

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Yay to writing! And truly, I don't know how you get anything done. Especially this time of year. When I was teaching, it felt like a miracle just to get an e-mail written that was not in some way related to my students or colleagues.

And for the record, I LOVE your stockings. And I LOVE that you're wearing them to a Comic Con. I would love to do that! My goal in life is to make it to the CA one. Well, ok, one of my goals in life.

Old Kitty said...

Aha!!! You're a real life ailurophobe!

So nope, you can't be a witch wicked or otherwise, east or west! LOL!

Take care

Andrea said...

Where can we get those magic spells to keep the house clean...or for that matter, finish the report cards? Are they on eBay? It's cool to be thought of as dangerous, at least once in a while.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Wait! There's a COMIC CON IN PHILLY! Hold the phone! How have I NOT heard about this?!

*runs off to find out more info*

Oh, and ALSO, hahahahahahahaha

Oh, I've missed you :)

Get through it. We're still hanging around...

melissa said...

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Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

Melissa Nielsen

prashant said...

I'm glad your blog is coming out of retirement!
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