Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You!

I am home from school with Tootsie Roll, who is missing a fourth day of school in a row (ugh!) due to a fever that just won't quit.  I took her to the dr yesterday after she had a bad bloody nose along with the fever but they just think she has a "summer virus" (which sounds oddly like a summer holiday, lol).  I'm not too worried, she did finally start coughing, which is not normally something to be happy about but they were only concerned about the fever if it didn't have cold symptoms with it and, hey, here they are.  She has one more week of school but my last day is tomorrow so I am really hoping I can get back - I would hate for my school kiddies to end their first grade year without their teacher for the last 3 days (HH stayed home with her Mon & Tues)!  But whatever will be will be... HH can't stay home tomorrow because he teaches high school TV Productions and is his district's A/V Coordinator and it's their high school graduation... they kinda need the whole microphone/video thing, which is a bear to set up outside.  Well, anyway, one day at a time.  Hopefully this fever will find something better to do tomorrow, although Tootsie Roll hopes not, as she feels pretty fine and is enjoying hanging out with Mom, playing Wii, and demanding drinks "because I'm sick". ;)

Aaaaanyway.  I wanted to say THANK YOU for a couple of books that I won in contests not too long ago, after just winning Stephanie's and Num8ers.  I'm on a lucky streak! :D

Thank you to Kristin Rae for a signed copy of The Wolf Within:
Thank you to Charity Bradford for these yummy writing books:
And, finally, thank you to Andrea Mack for her 50th of 100 reads:
I'm very excited for school to end and summer to begin to I can dive into my new treasures!  Thanks again, ladies!!!


Aubrie said...

Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog! I really appreciate that.

I hope your daughter feels better. Congrats on winning those awesome books!

April said...

Congrats on the books! That's great! I hope your daughter feels better soon. It sucks to be sick when the weather turns warm!

KarenG said...

Those writing books look especially yummy!

Lola Sharp said...

Man oh man are you a lucky duck!!! CONGRATS!

Sorry the wee one is sick. :(

I can't wait for school to let out...I want to sleep in!


Talli Roland said...

Hope your daughter feels better. Congrats on the books!

Jen said...

Hope the kiddo feels better soon!

Congrats on your books! Looks like some great one's!

Alleged Author said...

Yay for books and congratulations on winning contests!

Old Kitty said...

I hope your daughter gets better soon! I'm glad to hear she is seeing the positive side of this - being with you!

Congratulations with winning these fab books!!

Take care

Jemi Fraser said...

I hope she feels better tomorrow! Enjoy the last day - if you manage to get there :)

Creepy Query Girl said...

Hope your little one feels better soon so you can be with your students on their last day! It would be stinky to miss (i know what you mean). And WOW- look at all the loot! You shoulda gone to the casino that week...

prashant said...

Sorry the wee one is sick.
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Anonymous said...

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