Sunday, September 19, 2010

Exhausted but Happy Dancing!

This weekend was Tootsie Roll's first overnight camping trip with her Brownie troop, so they asked all the moms to go along, too.  Totally enjoyable, we had the best time, canoeing, hiking, cooking, sleeping in a YURT (best word ever... it looks like this:)
Absolutely perfect weather, and great quality time with my big girl.  I am now exhausted and just finished my lesson plans for the week, but before I hit the hay (to get the decent night's sleep I missed last night, lol), I have to share some big, exciting news!

Tootsie Roll has been selected as one of three children from her third grade class (along with, I imagine, some kids from the other 3 third grade classes) to get pulled out of her Language Arts period once a week for a Poetry Enrichment class.  They made their selections based on teacher recommendations and early writing samples.  It was pretty funny, she brought home this very official letter addressed to us that explained the program and we had to go over it with her (it basically said that it's pretty rigorous work, miss two assignments and you're out, plus you have to make up the LA work you miss in class) and we all had to sign it, her included.  I think she thought she was in trouble until we read it because no one had told her what it was, poor kid!

WOOHOO for my talented little writer!  I am so proud of her!  (And I didn't even know this program existed in her school, so rock on!)


Stephanie Thornton said...

Woohoo! That is very exciting- what a great program for a school to have!

Old Kitty said...

Yay for Tootsie Roll!!! A budding poet in the making!! Oh dear about the very official letter - nevermind - it's a lovely chance to flex her artistic mind!! Wonderful!

And yay - you slept in a yurt!! It looks like such fun!

Take care

Glynis said...

Ooh a memory making weekend. Lovely. Clever little writer indeed!

Piedmont Writer said...

Nice tent/clubhouse/sleeping apartment.

Congratulations to the Tootsie Roll! That is just the coolest thing. I wonder if they have special writing program at Monster Baby's school? Because I'll have to check it out.

Laura Marcella said...

That YURT is awesome!!!

And what a terrific program at your daughter's school. Congrats to her!!! I hope she enjoys it!