Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So..... What's New?

Hey happy blog readers. :)  It's good to dip a toe in over here.  This month has been crazy with getting all 4 of us back into the swing in our respective schools, Back to School Nights, Girl Scout camp, dance starting (Curly Jones' first year!  Tootsie Roll is an old pro), and Tootsie Roll's birthday.  Which meant I had to clean the house so family could come over.  I do think I should make a monthly family party mandatory in my home, it really would make me scrub a lot more often.  :) 

Tootsie Roll turned 8 today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTY CUTIE!) and it has been festivity central, including this out-of-this-world Greek Goddess cake created by my multitalented sister in law:

Here were Tootsie Roll and Curly Jones on party day:

It's pretty rare that they dress alike, so I had to have plenty of pictures.  For posterity.  And perhaps future blackmail. :)

Nothing is new on the writing front.  Sadly, I reread the WiP that has been lingering listlessly in its infancy over there on the right with a totally stagnant status bar, and I have pretty much lost interest in it.  I mean, I think it has potential, but it is lacking in voice.  It's going to need to be started over and I don't have the energy to revive it just now.  I do have a little wisp of a new idea dancing around in my head.  I think I may just write a scene or two that are bouncing around in my brain and see what happens.  I don't have anything plotted out yet, but I have found that plotting before writing is my worst enemy.  I am better at going with the flow because I tend to plot too hard and overanalyze and overwhelm myself right out of writing the thing.  We'll see what happens... October may be a better writing month once school routines are settled as they are becoming.  I'd love to take a real crack at NaNo, but November is hard because of all the school assessments and conferences and we host Thanksgiving.  50,000 words is hard in a good month, lol, and November is not a good writing month.  But never say never... so I'll say we'll see instead.

Otherwise, I am hearing from some of the people who know me well that this new blog layout is not me and they want the old one back.  Ha!  I am sort of feeling that, too... I like that I have more writing space and I've tried this new one to help me out of my writing funk, but it doesn't fit me as nicely as my old one did.  So you may see the return of the striped socks soon.  We'll see about that, too. :)

Anyway, I taught my first graders to use periods as stop signs at the end of sentences today, so at least someone is writing productively! ;) 


Old Kitty said...

Happy Birthday to Tootsie Roll!!! She and Curly Jones are just too too too adorable!! I really like that cake - it's a work of art!! It's amazing!! Yay for your sister in law - I'm so in awe!

I'm sorry that you're current WIP has slowed down a little. I think if you force yourself to work on it it might be more detrimental. I so believe that you must at least like your wip first whenever you work on it!! I tend to have a love/hate relationship with mine. It's easier to dislike mine at the moment rather than find the love I had for it once! LOL!! I hope you find the spark again!

I also hope you flame and cajole that new idea you have out into the open!! Good luck!!!!

And I can't wait to see what blog design you'll go for next time I visit! Take care

April said...

Happy Birthday Tootsie Roll! Wow...that cake is beautiful! I wouldn't want to eat it! How long did it take for your SIL to make it? It's gorgeous. As are your girls! I love Curly's curls. :) I have the same ones, and they used to be blonde.

I understand how your WIP has slowed down a little. You've got a lot on! And sometimes, at least for me, something fizzles and it's better to work on something new.

We've finally gotten into a routine of our own with the Little One starting 1st grade, Daisies, and swim lessons. I don't know how my mom did it with 5 of us! 1 (and only half-time) is exhausting!

Laura Marcella said...

Happy Birthday, Tootsie Roll! Your daughters look super adorable in their matching dresses!

Good luck with your writing and figuring out where you want to go next! If you decide to do NaNo, friend me! My name is Sunshine21.

ann foxlee said...

What adorable girls! Happy birthday, Tootsie Roll :-) And that cake is amazing!