Friday, November 12, 2010

Here, Bake This.

I am, at present, baking an apple pie.  I didn't make the pie, though... my daughter did, at Brownies.  Her wonderful, impressive Brownie leaders were ambitious enough to have each 8 year old girl make her own apple pie using a Betty Crocker recipe.  During their hour and a half meeting after school.  And they also made cornbread from scratch to donate to a local shelter.  (Excuse me, ladies, can I hire you?)  But back to the pie... they handed it to me when I arrived to pick her up and said, "This needs to be baked tonight."  And they gave me directions.  Verbal ones.  Which I promptly forgot even though I tried really hard not to.  So I looked on the Betty Crocker site to find baking instructions (having never made a pie myself) and it pretty much said "Heat the oven to 425, then bake 30-35 minutes until the top is golden brown", which is a whole lot less complex than what I was told.  So hopefully it will go well.  We'll see!  The house will smell good, anyway! :)

I don't have much else to write about, being sort of mired in work this month (conferences, American Education Week, and my observation all next week... gahhhh), except that I have to send a giant shout-out to V.R. Barkowski, who just sent me a box of Neil Gaiman books as one of the prizes in her recent signing celebration/300 followers contest.  Thank you, Viva!  And.... Neil Gaiman!!!!  YIPPEEEE!!!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

UPDATED:  The Pie!
And me wishing I could dig in but Tootsie Roll is already in bed so I can't eat her pie without her. :)
Oh, and the books I won were The Graveyard Book (which I had, but not with the perty Newbery Award on it!), Neverwhere (which I didn't have), and American Gods (which I also didn't have). 

After a Pajama Reading Party at school today, adorable pictures made by Curly Jones at preschool, dinner out with the fam, then Neil Gaiman and apple pie (or at least the smell, lol) tonight... Happy Friday!


Connie said...

Enjoy the pie! There's nothing as delicious as freshed baked apple pie. Hmm. I think I have some apples. Maybe I'll make one too.

aspiring_x said...

hee hee hee! i love that the website had WAY easier instructions than the verbal ones!!!
gaiman is so dreamy! :) which books did you win?

Charlie said...

I make the best brownies in the world.
Okay, I follow the directions on the box exactly. Same thing.

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!!! I could smell the yummy aroma just by looking at yours and your daughter's apple pie!! Wow!! Well done all round!!! I love the instructions too - bake in oven until golden brown! Yay!!!

Glad to hear you are having a lovely Friday planned with your adorable family!!

Congratulations with your book win!! Wow! Neil Gaiman!! yay!! Take care

Jemi Fraser said...

Lucky you! The pie looks fantastic too :)

Kristin Rae said...

that pie is ADORABLE. How cute that she made that in Brownies. I don't remember doing anything constructive like that when I was in Brownies. Apple pie is my fav!

Congrats on winning the books!

Alleged Author said...

What a wonderful looking pie!

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

i am not an applie pie fan. However, if she wants to bake me a pecan pie, well, i'd be all over that

Tiffany Neal said...

You had me at pie. I'm like salivating at the mouth right now. Which is really not cool. At all.