Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Flash!  Aaaa-aaahhhhh!  Savior of the Universe! 

(Oops, am I the only one reminded of the Flash Gordon theme when thinking about flash fiction?  Yes?  Ok.)

So... anyway... IT'S ON!  Come celebrate with Vic Caswell (aspiring_x) of Hairnets and Hopes and me!  Vic is celebrating 100+ followers and I'm celebrating 300+ (wow!  you guys rock!) with a flash fiction contest!  Double prizes!  YEAH!!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Write a piece of flash fiction (1000 words or less) with the theme of Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Use something true as your seed idea (something that happened to you, someone you know, something you've read, etc.) and then fictionalize to your heart's content!

2. Email your entry to us by December 15. My email is MaddestHatter(at)verizon(dot)net. Vic's is on her blog. You can email either one of us - I promise we'll share! We are both picking winners and we both have prizes! (Sorry, mine are US only - wish I had the $ for int'l shipping!). Please send a Word doc without your name so that we can judge fairly - after we pick winners, we will match the story to your email!

3. Winners will be chosen and we will post the winning entries on Mon, Tues, and Weds of the next week (Dec. 22).

On Dec. 22, let the blogfest begin!  We hope everyone will post their entries.  We will link for your reading pleasure!

 Oh, wait.  What else... PRIIIIIZES!!! Vic's prizes will be fantastic boxes of books, movies, and candy! Pop on over to her blog to see (she will be posting rules 12/1).  

Over here at Le Dange, all three winners will be getting a secret holiday surprise, PLUS two handmade ornaments each:

... PLUS your choice of the following books (first choice to the first place winner and so on):

(All hardbacks)

We can't wait to read your stories!

Have fun and happy writing!  Feel free to grab our scary angler fish button for your blog!

(And now... just cause I can... "Flash!  Flash, I love you!  But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!")


Colene Murphy said...

O.M.G. Seriously!?!?! Did you just reference my all time favorite movie from my childhood?!?!?!?!?!?!!?? I think. Yes. I think I lurv you.

Long live Flash! You've saved your Earth. Have a nice day.

Old Kitty said...

Flash!! A-haaaaa!!!

Yay!!! Contest!!!! Thank you lovely Dangerous with a Pen for such a great contest!!! Once I drag my muse out of her hidey hole I'll see what I can rustle up!! GOOD LUCK everyone!! Take care

aspiring_x said...

whoo hoo!
let's get this party started! :)

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

FLASH! dodododododo ahhhhhh! He'll save every one of us! FLASH!

Now i'm going to have that in my head all day. Man oh man i love me some Queen.

Also, i am down for this! I will send you something soon!

Kimberly Franklin said...

Thanks for the info! And those ornaments are so cute!

Donea Lee said...

Awesome contest! I love ornaments!!! Ok - I better get writing. Hope to e-mail you something soon. Thanks!

Carol Riggs said...

Sounds like a fun contest, and congratz BIG TIME for the 100+ and 300+ followers! Yay, you guys.

Also, thanks so much for your Versatile Blogger Award; I posted a link to here from my site today!

Jemi Fraser said...

Fun contest! I hope you get lots of entries!! :)

Mary Campbell said...

Wow - this sounds like a fun contest. I just might enter. Congrats on the 300 followers - very awesome. I didn't think of the Flash Gordon them song before, but now I think I will - that movie always gives me and my hubs a good laugh.

Abby Minard said...

Yay for contests, and congrats on 300 followers! Those books for your prizes all look awesome- I've wanted to read all of those for a while now!

Okay, um, I don't think I've seen Flash Gordon (ducks). I think my hubs knows more about it though.

Kimberly Franklin said...

You won a little something on one of my contests!

The winners are listed in this post! Congrats!!

Shayda Bakhshi said...

Oh my goodness. Luckily, this song is now stuck in my head.

Along with Princes of the Universe. So. Much. Queen.

This looks awesomely fun, though! I will definitely have to enter.

Anonymous said...

That Neil Gaiman book is calling my name.

Have a great weekend.

Talli Roland said...

Wow - what a great contest! Congrats on over 300 followers - you deserve it! Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Naomi Ruth said...

Those ornaments look so Purty... I will be attempting to do this so... Actually, I should work on that Right Now. *runs away*