Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here We Go, Let's Rock and Roll!

My fabulina Crit Partner Rebecca and I have challenged each other to a duel. 

Me:  You rewrite your WiP beginning and I'll rewrite mine.

Rebecca:  That is a terrible idea.

Me:  Come onnnn....

(Insert her grad class that I paid to give her wonderful advice, thereby coming to her own decision to rewrite. Because I am evil.)

Rebecca:  If I dislocate my thumb, I can't type that much.

Me:  I'll see your dislocated thumb and raise you a kid with four teeth pulled out.  Hey, why are you blogging with a dislocated thumb?

Rebecca:  Because you asked me what was wrong... Heyyyyyy.... Wait.  Exactly how does having a kid with missing teeth stop you from writing?

Me:  You think too much.

Rebecca:  That's what makes me a good writer.

Me:  Touche`.  Good luck with your rewrite.

Rebecca:  You too.

Ok.  I made that whole thing up.  Well, actually I didn't make up any of the facts - we are both rewriting our beginnings, she dislocated her thumb, and TR got her teeth yanked out.  I didn't actually pay her grad class, but they did crit her beginning.  Cuz she is brave and let them.  But this conversation never actually happened.  So let's hope she doesn't sue me or anything while I am off beginning my rewrite. :)


Carol Riggs said...

Ha, amusing. Major impressive that you have the guts to rewrite the beginning of your novel! Go, you!

Carrie said...

This is funny. Good luck with your rewrite.

Old Kitty said...

LOL!!! So long as you both are ok and raring to start your re-writes!! Yay!!!

Healing hugs to TR!!! Take care

Jemi Fraser said...

Love it! I'm pretty sure she won't mind :)

I'm trying to rewrite most of one of my stories to fix a major plot issue - so I think I know how you feel :)

Hannah Kincade said...

Good luck! I did that with one of my books and it never got anywhere. So I stopped writing it a few years ago. Sad. One day.

aspiring_x said...

beware the changes you make- they will ripple throughout the entirety of your novel! other than that, GOOD LUCK sweetie! :)

Rebecca T. said...


That totally just made my night. I cannot stop laughing :D

VW: suress - a woman that is absolutely certain

Spakedom said...

(This is Really NaomiRuth under a Sekrit Guise)

Omgoodness... That sounds Just Like Her. I can hear Rebecca's voice in my head. lolol... That is brilliant.

Have fun with your re-write!!