Sunday, January 17, 2010

And So It Begins

It's hard to start a new blog, especially one which (you hope) chronicles your road to becoming a "real" published author.  It feels a little bit presumptuous, but actually, starting this blog is part of my New Year's Resolution to write a book.  I have all of these little wisps of ideas flying around in my head, and lots of beginnings and planned-out stories on paper and saved on my computer, and in truth, I haven't had the time or the confidence to try to actually make something of any of them.

So this year I have resolved to "walk the walk" (I wanted to call my blog that, or something related to being overly caffeinated, but all of the ideas I had were already taken by blogs that people haven't written on since 2006 but have left hanging out there for people like me - who want their blog name - to stumble upon).  I'm going to write.  And here, I'm going to write about how it's going.  And it's really more for me, at this point, to keep myself honest.  Because, ya know, if you're chronicling your progress, there had better be some. :)

If said masterpiece (ha) ever does come into fruition on my end (i.e. I actually finish writing something), I will let the Gods of Prose decide whether it is worthy of sharing with the world.  Right now dreams of agents of contracts are a little bit out of my grasp.  Or a lot.  But I'm trying to think positively.  (In truth, I read tons of author blogs, and they all seem like very kind, witty, charming folk, happy to add more to their ranks, but then I read editor/agent blogs and run screaming at the scary end of the biz after your book is written.  You not only have to be talented, but very patient and savy about the business.  Let's ignore that for now, and focus on the warm fuzzy authors, shall we?)

So now the gauntlet has been thrown.  By me.  For me.  But you're along for the ride because I need the pressure to keep me going.  Got it?  So now that we know where we stand, let's write a book!