Monday, January 25, 2010


Thanks to those of you who let me know that you were unable to post comments.  I have fixed that little snarl.  Please do comment to your heart's content. :)  Just click the little comment link below any post and share your thoughts, show me the new cheer you made up to keep me going, tell me what you had for breakfast, you know.  Whatever.  :)  I love comments!


Jeff Brooks said...

Write the book, write the book...way book. I have a little work to do on my cheer.

Dangerous With a Pen said...

I heart you and your comment. And your new lil goatee pic!

krislincour said...

still unable to leave

krislincour said...

wait, now it tells me it's saved?
save me from computers!
anyway, here's my cheer.........
rain,rain,go away
i'm gonna write a book someday
worth the wait,don't be glum
Newberry,Newberry,here I come
Gooooooooo Dangerous!!!

ok, not great but better than hubby's

hope the research is going well. is it on the topic requested on Christmas list books?

Dangerous With a Pen said...

I'll take any and all cheers sent my way!!! (Unless they happen to be for one of those OTHER football teams...)

The research is going very well, thanks! Everything I am reading on the Top Secret Topic is getting me more excited. And no, I actually went in a completely different direction from what I was researching at Christmastime... that was for one of the stories that I completely plotted out and then lost interest in. :/ Boo... but the book you gave me is fascinating, anyway! :)

About your comments - anything you post will save, it just won't show up until I publish it. That way I can keep out the rabble (spammers and seedy folks like that). :)

krislincour said...

Glad you're so excited about your research. Right now I have The Children's Book by A.S.Byatt on my Kindle. Have you heard of it? It's so odd I can't even describe it, but I hope it gets better soon.

Sat. I'm going to the beef 'n beer in memory of my friend's son. I've never been to one before but I'm hoping to see lots of old PFG friends.

Congrats to Curly on her big-girl success!

purpleunicorns26 said...

Gimme a "B", gimme an "O", gimmie another "O", gimme a "K". What's that spell??? BOOK, BOOK, Lindsey write that BOOK.

Oh, that's lame!