Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sooooo... Whatcha Doooin'?

Curly Jones has this hilarious way of coming up to you and saying, exactly in the voice of Isabella from Phinneas and Ferb, "What-cha doooooo-in'?"  It's pretty funny.  Last night, one of my old friends who just joined the fun over here asked me just that.  So.  Um.  Aside from blogging about it, what have you actually written?

Since you are my collective conscience, I will share with you.  Nothing.  Yet.  (AGH! That sounds bad.  Very bad.  In fact, it tastes terrible just writing it, like biting into something rotten.)  But it's ok.  This past week put me through the wringer, but I did manage to do a lot of story plotting on paper AND a bunch of research for some scientific things I need to know.  And both are propelling me in a very good direction.  In fact, this morning, I saw an entire scene in my mind and fleshed it out much more completely in my notes.

I continue to read author blogs and sigh wistfully when they describe the wonderful writing that they got done in a given day, since that is what they do with their days (jealoussssss).  But I'm over it, accepting of my reality that is, like most people, Someone Who Needs A Regular Paycheck.  :)  As such, the goal I have set for myself is a chapter a month, and I am allowing myself this month for planning and research.  (And report cards, lol).

That said... keep asking.  Demand word counts, lol.  Leave snarky comments.  (Ok, not toooo snarky, I do get to moderate the comments, hehe).  I work best under pressure! :)