Monday, January 18, 2010

My Cast of Characters

I'm not sure if anyone out there is reading this blog besides my darling husband who is currently my one and only Follower. :)  That's cool, I'm sure there will be quite some time before anyone has any reason to join in my happy writing parade, although if you happen to have stumbled onto this crazy blog purely by accident, I hope you stay, hang out a bit, we always have coffee brewing. :)

Since probably even my wonderfully supportive family will tire of reading about my daily writing life, since I can't let the proverbial plotty cats out of the bag to keep things interesting, I will throw in random stories about teaching, life, the kiddieos, heck, maybe even the dog, if she does anything, but that's unlikely.

Not that it will be that hard to play the home game, but for anyone keeping score, here is the cast of characters that holds my heart and hangs out here in my house:

Dangerous - I like to think I'm a dangerous ninja spy with an entire wardrobe of Mod, Avengers-style clothing (and banter to boot... ooh, boots!).  Yeah.  Of course my everyday cover is that of mild-mannered, Type A elementary school teacher and mom of two.  It works so far.

Handsome Hubby - High school teacher and A/V Techie extraordinnaire.  Today went out to the local deli on a quest to find a regular 100 watt lightbulb for an Easy Bake Oven.  Yeah, he's that awesome.  Oh, and handsome Italian good looks as a bonus.

Tootsie Roll - Seven-going-on-thirty year old darling daughter.  At times, tudinal drama queen.  At other times, the most loving and generous-hearted child possible.  Ridiculously smart and very hard on herself.  Thinks her best trait is that she's fashionable.  Still learning table manners.  Visually a mini version of me.

Curly Jones - Two year old burst of sunshine balled up in a crazy, curly, towheaded second daughter.  Getting way too big way too fast.  Talking up a storm, telling me whole stories, but still sweetly mispronouncing words like vanilla (malella) and camera (cramma).  Blue eyed like her sister.  May never learn table manners.  Nice to the dog.  Actually likes the potty, albeit sometimes after the fact.

Fuzzy Puppable - Big, furry, red Chow.  11 years old.  Sweetest. Dog.  Ever.  Has arthritis in her neck and legs but usually feels ok.  Amazing with the kids from day one.  Does not like dog treats.  Still loves to play in the snow.  Scored bonus points today for killing a stinkbug.

Hamstopher - Furry black and white hamster that was purchased as a Christmas gift for Tootsie Roll last year.  Generally goes completely unnoticed.  Feels unloved until I feed him.  Stinks up his cage for fun.    Sometimes escapes to get attention.  Always found in the bottom of the linen closet chewing on beach towels.