Friday, January 29, 2010


I need to stop reading writing blogs.  (Not you.  You need to continue reading my writing blog.  Do not stop.  Do not pass Go.  You can collect $200 if you want, but... sorry, not from me... although if you find someone giving it away, count me in. :)  )

The truth is that I need to keep reading writing blogs, and in fact, I need to read them MORE and MORE.  I am learning so much about how this whole crazy business works, and I am learning in the process how much I don't know, which is overwhelming, which is why at the moment I am like WHOA.

See, just today I found out about Absolute Write and Agent Query and so I perused over to those incredibly helpful sites and again was like WHOA. 

So I went back to my trusty author blogs where there was some buzz about Alpha Readers and Beta Readers and again I was a little bit WHOA and a whole lot I NEED TO FIND A WRITING GROUP.

But then I remind myself that what matters right now is the writing.  When I have a few chapters done, even, I can begin to ask people to read for me.  And I know you'll all be willing... ;)

In the meantime, I did email one other aspiring writer whose Real Job is the same as mine (I found her through the comments on an author blog).  She sounds further along in the process, but maybe just hearing from another person in the trenches who is trying will throw the kick back in my step!

I should add that I am a little overwhelmed but not discouraged.  I haven't yet met a mountain that I couldn't climb once I made my mind up, and right now the mountain is just getting the darn thing written.  :)  You won't best me, novel in my brain!  (Ok, maybe this weekend while I have to write report cards you will... but not for long!)