Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ideas Are Flying!

I'm really excited!  Parts of the story are falling into place in my head and in the plot outline on paper.  I don't usually tell anyone my story ideas but I talked to Handsome Hubby about this one last night and he is very excited about helping me brainstorm and research.   He even wants to find some films for me that match the genre of my story and watch them together.  I am so grateful for his support, and I wonder why I haven't run earlier story ideas past him?  I guess it has to do with self-confidence, because the more I have planned other stories, the more I have begun to fall out of love with them.  They either become too complicated or they begin to sound unoriginal.  Maybe that's why I'm excited about this one, it feels very original.  Anyway, it's lovely to have the day off from work and after a morning playing with the kids, I really came up here to work on lesson plans (which I will, in a minute), but the opening scene of the story just came to me, so I had to open my working document and jot it down.  I think I'll actually write the first chapter or first few before I completely plot out my story, even though I know generally where it's going.  Maybe that will keep the love alive, lol...