Monday, February 1, 2010

Alpha Beta Catherine Zeta

Don't ask me.  The title of this post just fell out of my fingers onto the keyboard completely without asking.  But it makes me giggle, so it can stay. :)

As you know, I was reading another writer's post this week about Alpha Readers and Beta Readers and while I have a few of those people in mind, it occured to me that I am getting wonderful practice (ha) with this very thing right now at my Real Job, where it is the dreaded Report Card Time.  Our rep cards are quite the complicated conglomeration of a page of checkmarks (Of Concern, Initial Stages, Developing, Achieving) for behavior, math, handwriting, science, and social studies; a second page continuum for reading and writing; and then a third page left blank for our own teacherly narration.  Our principal and vice principal read all of our comments before they go home with the kiddies.  Before we turn them in to the Powers That Be, we are asked to share them with another teacher for proofreading purposes.

So there you have it, kids - fellow teachers as Alpha Readers, PTB as Beta Readers.  Real Job, meet Wannabe Job!  And in some magical way, my worlds collide...