Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Show Me Your Dangerous! *Contest*

(The teacher in me feels the need to explain that the "Your" in the title is not supposed to be "You're".  It's like "Show Me Your Underwear".  Only I do not want to see your underwear.  I want to see your dangerous.  Ok.  Proceed.)

Holy wow.  There are almost 100 of you over there who "dare to follow"!  I know, it's a little preemptive, most people don't celebrate until they actually hit 100, but hey.  I'm Dangerous.  It's in the header.  But listen... we're not celebrating me here.  We're celebrating YOU!  My almost 100 Bloggy Miyagis!

That's right.  In the world of aspiring writers, I am but a babe.  I have been seriously going at my Work In Progress (WIP) since the beginning of January.  I started this blog to put my goal out there to see the process through and journal it, both because I have a terrible memory ("Mom, tell us about the time you wrote a book."  "Huh?  I wrote that?  Nah, I'm pretty sure that was aliens.") and to give myself an audience so that I would have to actually produce something.  To kick my butt when needed.  (Thanks, Mike... keep it up!).  A completely unexpected result has been finding this amazing community of fellow writers from whom I have learned immense amounts already.  So thanks, to all of you.  Wax on.  Wax off.

So let's celebrate!  Dangerously, of course.  First, the prizes: A random lucky winner will dance away with these fine trinkets!

National Book Award Finalist LIPS TOUCH: THREE TIMES
by Laini Taylor (with gorgeous black and red illustrations throughout by her husband Jim DiBartolo)

This book is insanely beautiful.  I got the last copy at Barnes & Noble (you'll win a new copy, I'm not giving up mine!).  Laini's SILKSINGER just won the CYBIL for Middle Grade Fantasy.  The girl is on a ROLL!

Dangerous kisses.  Believe it.

What!?!  This book isn't even out yet!  Nope.  But I'm gonna preorder it for you.  Cause that's how I roll. 

I'm going to assume that you've already read the first two books of the trilogy, THE HUNGER GAMES and CATCHING FIRE.  Because you have.  And if you haven't, don't tell me, just slowly back away from the computer and find the nearest copies as quickly as possible.  Or at least before August 24th, when this one comes out.

And, finally, because it's a must... my most favoritist Frustrated Writer movie.  Which you all must have.  There be murder.  And mayhem.  And a novel gets stolen.
Because what's more dangerous than being thrown from a train, anyway?

So that's what I'm gonna do.  Here's what you're gonna do:

1. Comment on this post only to enter. (+1 entry)

2.  Be a Bloggy Miyagi (aka Follower, old or new +2 entries)

3. Link to my contest in a post or sidebar (+3, please let me know)

4. Show me your dangerous!!!  Tell me a story about when you did something dangerous.  Post a dangerous part of your Work In Progress.  Write a dangerous poem.  Sing me a dangerous song.  Draw me a dangerous picture.  Get dangerously creative!  (Don't hurt yourselves, though.)  (+3!)

Contest ends on the Ides of March. :)  (Beware!)
Thanks again - love you guys - have fun!!!


Noelle Nolan said...

Looks like a great contest. I follow you and I'll post this contest on my sidebar under CONTESTS.

Good Luck Everyone!!!

coffeelvnmom said...

Good for you - so many followers! It definitely makes blogging worth it, doesn't it? It's a great feeling to get to know other writers!

storyqueen said...

Oooooh, beware the Ides of March....
you DO live dangerously, don't you!


Glynis said...

Well I only popped in to say thanks for commenting about yWriter, and to have fun with Story Spinner!
I will check back and read your contest through later.

Christine Danek said...

O.k. old follower here:) I will post this on my blog tomorrow or friday. The only danger story I can think of is:
I drove a 911 Porsche Turbo at 110 miles an hour on twisty mountain roads in California.

Oh and one more--I also was in a car on the Autobahn at 155 miles per hour--and I was falling asleep. Obviously, I was not the one driving on the car.

Great contest and congrats on almost 100!

Shelley Sly said...

What a unique idea for a contest! Congrats on so many followers! :)

Matt said...

Well, here you go. I'm follower 100 and that puts you over the hump. Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Something dangerous - and still the stupidest thing I've ever done.

When I was eighteen I swam across a bay in Malta teeming with boats. My friend and I were barely visible and I'm not sure how we made it, but it took about an hour. Halfway across, he kicked so hard, the swirling water churned gray-blue. I was sure it was a shark and we were on the edge of panic. It wasn't, but later, during Shark Week, I learned the largest great white ever caught was in those waters.

Falen said...

Woo Hoo! 100 followers!

One time i drove my car during a tornado. To be fair, i didn't know it was a tornado until later and i saw all the houses without roofs, but i should have pulled over...

I believe that is 6 entries for me!

Yay! Fun times had for all!

Abby Annis said...

Cool contest! Here's my entries:

+1 commenting
+2 following
+3 blogged about it here:


Total : 6 :)


Stephanie Thornton said...

I just moseyed over from Abby's blog and I'm glad I did!

Comment +1
Follower +1
Danger! +3

I went on a helicopter ride over Mt. McKinley. And when I was a teenager I threw a party at my parents' house. That was definitely dangerous- they would have killed me if they found out!

Sarah said...

Sign me up! I absolutely love Lips Touch and of course, I can't wait for Mockingjay.

+1 commenting
+2 following
(Total: +3)

Thanks for an awesome contest!

Jemi Fraser said...

Great contest! I'm a follower :)

Me? Dangerous? Hmm. Not so much. Although when I was little I used to walk along the very tops of swing sets as if they were gymnastics beams. Sadly, that's probably about it :)

Bets said...

Looking forward to reading your blog; I'm a follower now. Experiencing natural childbirth taught me that I am not a dangerous person, alas. Despite the fact that I have a blue streak in my hair and a closet full of red and black clothing. *blush*

Although I'm sewing a bridesmaid dress for my best friend's wedding... that's dangerous in a bad way. :-P

Jemi Fraser said...

Oops - forgot to mention - I have an award for you over at my blog :)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Woo, the fun has begun! Hello to my old friends and welcome, all new kids! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Shelley (storyqueen) - I do indeed. Muahahahaha.... ;)

I am LOVING these stories. Christine, I would not have pegged you as a leadfoot! Too funny. I have actually totaled about 5 cars in my day. Oy.

Hi, Matt! Omigosh... wow. That's dangerous stuff. I always learn something interesting during Shark Week but it's usually not that I could have been fish food!

Falen - Whoa baby. We don't get many tornados here in New Jersey but it happens every now and again. One touched down about a half mile from our house a few years ago and I was at work but hearing all about it... hoping my house would be there when I got home. (It was. Yay!)

Hi Stephanie! That helicopter ride sounds very cool, I would love to do that. I think. I was a really good kid in high school - I never would have had a party at home in a million years, lol.

Welcome, Sarah! I know, I am dying for Mockingjay too!!! :D

Jemi, I did that, too! We had an old, rusty swingset when I was a kid and we used to climb all over the top, even when it got dark and bats would land there! Thanks for the award (Yay!) I am WAY behind on award posting, I think I am hoarding like 5... oops... :O

Welcome, Bets! Your closet sounds like mine, lol. Can't say I went natural for childbirth, though... although for one of my two they told me the epidural wouldn't go in and I said YES IT WILL. Lol! And you are definitely a brave soul for sewing a bridesmaid dress. The most I sew is Brownie patches.

Keep 'em coming!!! :D

May Day Writer said...

Hi there! What a fun contest!

My dangerous: I eat raw cookie dough. All. The. Time. So far the salmonella and E.coli have stayed away, but who knows what is lurking in the next batch. *frantically knocks on wood to avoid bad karma*

+1 comment
+2 follower
+3 dangerous

Tiffany Neal said...

Yay for 100 followers!! :))

I follow, I comment, and I dangerous. HA! And, I'm a dork.

My dangerous: Walking. Yes. You heard me correctly. I am the biggest CLUTZ ever. Small slash invisible pieces of fuzz could lead me to fall to my certain death. I am not kidding when I say I trip at least once a day...Ridiculous, I know...

+1 comment
+2 follower
+3 dangerous

zz said...

Hi Lindsey,

I'm going to opt for a dangerous song:

Highway to the Danger Zone
Ride into the Danger Zone

Okay, that's all I know of that song, now for the furious air guitar solo...

Elana Johnson said...

Dude, I live on the wild side! Ha ha ha! I almost typed that without laughing.

But I want Lips Touch so bad, I'll do almost anything. Well, not anything. But I am following you and leaving this comment. I'll link to your contest in my newsletter, if that's kosher.

Lisa and Laura said...

Best. Contest. Ever. Seriously. Preordering Mockingjay is genius.

And isn't the writing community incredible? I have to say that my very favorite thing about writing is all the cool people I've met in the process.

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

I didn't germ-x my kids after visiting the grocery store yesterday. For me, that is livin on the edge, for real!

+1 comment
+2 follower
+3 dangerous livin'

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Hi May Day Writer! I don't make cookies all that often, but I eat the dough, too. Shhh...

Lol, Tiffany - I feel your pain. It took me many years of ballet class before I accepted my cloditude for what it is.

zz... LOL... wow, Top Gun was my FAVORITE movie for the longest time growing up. I am in awe of your rippin' air guitar!

Hehe, Elana, your job alone is dangerous... ;)

Thanks, LiLa! :D Seems like all the current "must haves" are already prizes in the many bloggy contests out there, so I figured why not a future "must have"!

Hehe, Kelly, it's hopeless in my house - Between two teacher parents, an elementary school kid and a preschool kid, we already encounter just about every germ out there. :)

Jackee said...

You know that old adage: if your friend jumps off a cliff...? Well, it worked for me and I jumped. In my defense there was supposed to be water underneath me. Only there wasn't.

Cool contest. Thanks!

Amie McCracken said...

Commented - 1

Following - 2

And, hmmm, dangerous? I would have to say it wasn't really dangerous but some people might think so. I ran a 1/4 mile in 13.27 seconds with my husbands 69 Mustang. Dangerous means fun, right? Don't know if that one counts.

Kristin Rae said...

+1 Great Contest!!!

+2 Follower!

+3 Sidebar

+3 How about a dangerous haiku??

Wind whipping my hair
Feet glide across rope pulled tight
To fall would be death


Dangerous With a Pen said...

Oh my gosh, Jackee! That's a story I think we need to hear!

Welcome, Amie! Sounds like fun to me! :)

Ooooh, love it, Kristin!!! Happy birthday!

Southern Princess said...

Wonderful contest! woohoo!!! Congrats on the followers!

(Abby Annis sent me by the way ;o) )

Sidebar +3 Visit My Kingdom Anytime
Follower +2
Comment +1
Danger +3

There once was a time where I stood on top of a moving vehicle...yeah...not my brightest moment! ;o)

So glad to have found your blog! Love it!

AjFrey said...

Wax on, wax off. Most excited about Mockingjay. I am on pins and needles waiting for its release.

Swing by my blogity. I've got a contest rolling too. I'll be posting an update on Wednesday, so I'll put a link over to yours then.

Congrats on flying past 100!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

So this is what happens when I miss a few blogs, behold a contest!

Congratulations on your 100+ followers! You deserve it!!

bamagirl1 said...

I am a new follower and I was directed to you via my sister (the self proclaimed southern princess!)I posted on my blog www.watson6inga.com and I will tweet it too! Great contest btw!! love your blog!

flights delayed
cancellations abound
plane shakes and sways
strong winds are all around
best friends wedding
is where i am heading
not even OPAL will keep down.
lightening brightens the sky
fear is in my eye
I will not be detained

A bridesmaid dress bears my name!

Lisa Richards said...

1. Commenting and entering.
2. Signed up to be a Bloggy Miyagi.
3. Linking to your contest via a blog post.
4. Dangerous...hmmm...Ever been a 45 year old lady sparring a 20 year old girl in a taekwondo match? I've been there, and believe me, I wondered more than once, "What am I DOING?", and, "Why are all those other 45 year old women headed to the locker room to change into their street clothes?" Then I thought, "OOF!" as that 20 year old planted a front kick in my chest protector. LOL!

Nicole Ducleroir said...

How on earth did I miss this??? I'm off to promote this contest on my sidebar and add it to today's post that talks about contests...but first...

A time I was dangerous...

Once, I took an eight-day, seven-night canoe trip down the Ubangi River, which is the natural border between the Central African Republic and what was then Zaire. The first night we camped on a sand bar in the middle of the river, exposed only during the dry season when the water levels dropped. We jumped right in the water, relieved by the reprieve it offered after hours in the scorching, equatorial sun. Only after we got out to towel off did we notice the Gabon Viper in the water. Yep, we'd been swimming in close proximity to one of the most deadly snakes in Africa. Believe me, the next day we checked before jumping in!

Susan Fields said...

Wow, you're way over 100 followers now!

Here's my tally:
+1 - comment
+2 - Miyagi
+3 - sidebar link at www.susanfieldswriter.blogspot.com
+3 - I posted the first half of the first chapter of my wip on Tuesday and will post the second half tomorrow. This, for me, was extremely nerve wracking and, yes, dangerous!

Total = 9

What a fun contest - thanks!

SonshineMusic said...

This looks like fun and I wish I had discovered it earlier so I could have blogged properly.

So, I'm a follower and I'll pop up a post real quick, even though it's late and as for dangerous? Here's a dangerous haiku:

What's more dangerous
Than rich choc-o-late cream when
You're on a diet?

Haha - seriously
Most dangerous thing (unintentional) was when my Dad and I were driving and hit black ice, hit the guardrail, bounced back across 3 lanes of traffic, down into the ditchy median and up in front of an 18 wheeler, then barely getting control to throw our truck back down into the median. Scary and dangerous. I try to avoid bridges when there's any kind of cold and wet now.

AchingHope said...

You are hilarious.

I am a follower! +2
I am currently commenting. +1
I am currently blogging about this +3
A dangerous thing below +3

There is a dangerous thing below
His name is Bill-boa-fred
His tale is short but of great woe
He wrote a book with just his toes
He wrote so hard his toes went dead
And that was the end of Bill-boa-fred

Yes. There is great danger in writing with your toes. remember that.

Oh, and "Because you have. And if you haven't, don't tell me, just slowly back away from the computer and find the nearest copies as quickly as possible." had me laughing so hard. I totally agree!! I am still trying to get two of my friends to read it.

Crystal Cook said...

Hey ther Dangerous! I'm a follower and here's my danger: When I cut brownies with a way sharp knife I lick all that gooey chocolate off said way sharp knife, putting my tongue in imminent danger. Yet still i can not resist the gooey chocolate!

AchingHope said...

@Crystal Cook: Haha... Me too! The chocolate is just too good to wash off.

Kristi said...

Loving this contest AND all the prizes!!!

+1 for comment on how much your contest rocks...for realz

+2 for being a Bloggy Miyagi

+3 for being dangerous. Yes, it's true...I will admit it and stand ridicule...I have YET to read Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Before you all put me in the bloggity penalty box, I have to say that they are definitely on my must read list...just haven't gotten to them. I know, shame on me. BUT if I win the third one I will have all that much motivation to finally catch up!

Best of luck to everyone!