Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So my January of plotting and planning and researching recently ended (sooo much fun, though!) and February has begun with a bang, with all of my writing time going toward report cards (about 18 hours total in the past week, all on my own time during the weekend, before school, after school, during preps and lunches.... BRUTAL) thus far.  Now those are finally done (with a nice little compliment from my principal), and I can move on to Chapter One!!!  Wahoooo!

So what can I tell you about the book in general, or chapter one in particular? 

The book:  The genre is YA Dystopia

Chapter One: Three very different but necessary scenes are currently vying for the opening spot.  The choices are:

- The Scientific Beginning.  This is the scene that is sort of dark and scientific and interesting, where you learn something that happened several years before the story takes place (before the protagonist is born).  I could begin with this and then jump to a later time where the current story begins, make it a prologue, or skip it and add in the information as it becomes necessary to the story

- The Ironic Beginning.  This important event takes place when the protagonist is young, she sees it for what it is on the surface, but it has much deeper implications for the rest of the story.  If I don't put the scientific part at the beginning, this could either be the prologue or chapter one.

- The Serene Beginning. A very sweet scene with hints of the problem to come.  Will either be chapter one or come after one or both of those other scenes.  Definitely a necessary scene.

So that's the most you've heard about my baby so far, and it's got to stay vague, sadly, can't be revealing my big ideas.  So... I'm sorry if this post sucks but I heart you for reading this far.  :)  I'm just thinking out loud, because I have to get my butt in gear and get this wagon rolling.

On a completely different note, tonight my sweet Tootsie Roll looked up at me with her baby blues and said, "Mom, you are so supportive."  (Pretty mature stuff for a 7 yr old - I can't imagine a sweeter compliment!)  That's how I feel about you guys who keep coming back here, and my new followers who are fellow aspiring novelists (!!!) I see popular author blogs that have 500+ and I sit here like, "Happy dance!  Can you believe I have 12 followers?!?"

You guys are my 12 favorite people. :)  Thanks for dreaming with me! 


Christine Danek said...

I know about the follower numbers. It can be a little distracting.I happy to be one of the 12. I enjoyed reading about the beginning of your journey. You are definately more organized than me breaking it out.
Your 7 yr old sounds so cute.
Good luck!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Thanks, Christine. :) I don't really expect _anyone_ to be following me at this point, since I am literally just beginning. I hope that one day I can look back on these first few months and appreciate what it was like to be at the absolute start of this crazy journey.

Until then (or until, I guess, I am trying to make agent connections or generate buzz, or really need someone who's been there to cry to), every single follower is just icing on the cake!