Saturday, February 13, 2010


I often talk in my posts about how supportive Handsome Hubby is of my writing; how he listens to me and asks questions about the plot and tries to think of movies we can watch in the genre I am writing (because he teaches TV productions and movies are more his thing).  However, I don't often talk about how wonderfully supportive my two darling children are; so let me correct that here.

My 7 Year Old, Tootsie Roll

Each morning before we head off to our respective schools, me to first grade in my school and her to second grade in hers, TR and I try to find a moment to write on our family blog about something that makes us happy.  We call it (very cleverly) Monday Morning Happiness, Tuesday Morning Happiness... you get the idea.  This past Monday, I had a lot to be happy about: Over the weekend, we had gotten snowed in and had a great day Saturday, very snuggly, then on Sunday at field hockey practice, TR made a great save and had a couple of beautiful shots on goal, plus I got some writing done while I was watching.  Later that day, a friend of hers called and told us about the Best Snow Hill EVER, so I took her over, and we had a blast.  Then I got laundry done and vacuumed all of the carpets. 

So it took me about five minutes to write all of these happy things in my blog post.  TR is not always the most patient of souls, and whined, um, a little bit as I was typing.  Then it was her turn, and among other things, she wrote (sic):

Mom took all the time to type I was yawning and wihning. She is writing a very good story but it is a little *Eh*. Mom is A lover for typing! But I am more and she takes up most of the time.

I asked her why my story is *Eh* and she said, "Because it's too old for me."  And then she asked me to dedicate it to her.

My Two Year Old, Curly Jones

Well, clearly she thinks I am the best writer ever.  Otherwise she would never leave the house such a mess and assume that I will clean it all up and ever get anything written. :)

(By the way, my kids' names, sadly, are not really Tootsie Roll and Curly Jones.  Although if I had thought of it back But those are their real nicknames.) :)


Jemi Fraser said...

What a great way to have your kids think of writing as an everyday part of life! They won't be afraid of reading or writing - they'll just assume they can do it, because they already do. LOVE it!!

Nicole Ducleroir said...

I enjoyed reading this post! I love that you write with your kids on a family blog -- the grandparents must LOVE that! Tootsie Roll and Curly Jones sound like a pair of priceless children. Enjoy your Valentine's Day together!!!!

Shelley Sly said...

Your kids sound adorable! And the family blog is such a creative idea! :)

Corey Schwartz said...

Aw, how sweet. My almost six-year-old has her own blog (and almost more followers than me! :) but I LOVE the idea of a family blog!

Might have to give that a try.

Kelly@ JustWrite said...

Family blog, love it!! How nice that your family is so supportive! My 5 yr old tells everyone that Mommy dreams of being an author and it just warms my heart whenever I hear her. My 3 yr old is less understanding and I fear she will try and flush my laptop one of these days!