Friday, February 5, 2010

Bloggy Good Fun!

Contests aplenty, contests galore!  Check out these other writing blogs and their contest booty:

Here at Anissa Off the Record, Anissa is posting every day for the month of February.  Followers who respond to her posts get chances to win a $50 (or larger) Amazon gift card!  C'mon, you can buy a whole bunch of good books with that. :)  Besides, she hangs out here, so I <3 her.

And KristinCreative over there is giving two lucky followers Amazon gift cards for finishing her fun sentences.  She's a follower over here, too.  Give her some love!

Writer's Butt Does Not Apply to Me is giving away booooooks if you follow and tell her what books and movies stir your soul. :)  Come on, you know that blog title is calling to you. ;)

All are celebrating 100 followers!  Woot!  Someday, kids... someday...   I'll throw you a fun contest when I get near 100, I promise. ;)  Maybe I'll have a 50 followers contest... or 20... or 16... lol :)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I've decided to turn off comment moderation for the time being so that you can get the instant gratification of your comments popping up... like... presto!... instead of waiting for me to ok them.  I don't really sense a lot of spam action coming my way, so I'll throw you a bone.

Right now, I'm going to sit here and drink the delicious coffee Handsome Hubby got for me, on the side of which he wrote "Lindsey's Writing Juice".  So indeed I shall go write.  Feel free to throw a question or 12 into the comments... we may be snowed in this weekend, I'll be happy to answer!


krislincour said...

testing, Google acct problem

Dangerous With a Pen said...

You seem to be in good shape to leave comments. :) You have to put in the little random keyword they give you but other than that you are good to go!