Friday, February 12, 2010

Totally Random Fun

I'm Really Rosie
And I'm Rosie Real
You'd better believe me
I'm a great big deal
Belieeeeeeeeeeeve meeeeee....

Do you remember that?  When Carole King made an album out of a bunch of Maurice Sendak's little books, The Nutshell Library and The Sign on Rosie's Door?  (I do wish Blogger would let me underline book titles, that irks me every time).  It was also a half hour animated tv special.  Ok, maybe you don't remember, because it was 1975 (which is the year I was born, so I guess I found it later, lol), and many of you are younger than me.  Anyway, if you don't have the album, you should get it. :)  This morning Tootsie Roll put it on in the car for the drive to school and it was totally fun.  I hadn't listened to it in a long time.

(By the by, it just occured to me that Maurice Sendak was like the precursor to Neil Gaiman.  His older stories were very morbid.  Lots of kids dying because they did stupid things, like swallowing chicken bones or saying "I don't care" when a lion wants to eat you.  Yeah.  That'll teach ya!)

So... I am like jumping out of my skin excited because I have a whole day to myself!  My school had already planned days off today and Monday for Presidents' Day weekend, which, with the snow days we just had, makes for a 6 DAY WEEKEND!  Wooooohooooo! :D  Handsome Hubby is back in school today (his district has inservice, no kids), Tootsie Roll had a delay (We live in one district and each of us teaches in other districts... you should see me in  my Type A-ness coordinating school calendars with colored markers at the beginning of the year, oy.), and I could have kept Curly Jones home from preschool to hang out with me, but if I had kept her from her HEART PARTY today, I never would have heard the end of it. :)  Not that I'm complaining, off you go - quiet house for me!!  When we left, I wish I had had my camera - Curly Jones will be 3 in two months and the snow is higher than her!  I hope I can get a shot when she comes home.  It's a beautiful, sunny day, but I don't foresee that much snow melting anytime soon.  They've done a great job with the roads, but the post office refuses to deliver our mail (and several of our neighbors') because the borough plowed our mailbox in.  Oh well.  No news is good news, right? :) 

Ok, I'm off to go eat some chicken noodle soup for breakfast (because I have a sore throat but mostly because I CAN).  I should clean my house today.  But no. 

It's a writing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Here is something totally random and fun for you to enjoy while I try to concentrate: 30 pictures of goats being crazy .  It is exactly what it says it is.  And it made me laugh, especially the goats in the trees...)


Summer said...

Hi Lindsey, thanks for coming by my blog! Those goat pictures are crazy! I wonder how many dead goats there are at the bottom of those cliffs...probably none.

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Dangerous With a Pen said...

Teehee Court :) For some reason, that just put the Chariots of Fire theme song in my head. Thank you.